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Created at: 04-06-2016 05:45 PM UTC is fast. make the exchanger quickly! Very Good!!


Created at: 04-06-2016 01:17 PM UTC

netex company, so wonderful company and a Web site, a very special access to money transfers between different banks,

Beautiful featured on this site, is the speed of performance, most of the transactions that I did at the site, was in one minute straight up,

Web site absolutely gorgeous, and the privileges, I have not found in many other sites

On electronic banking must give netex company, in their dealings

From here I want to give all the thanks and appreciation, love and gratitude, for the company netex wonderful, and I hope the company's further progress and success,

Thank netex

Andrés Barraza

Created at: 04-06-2016 11:38 AM UTC is fast. Solve my problem in short time, and make the exchanger quickly! Very happy!

Alex Schuette

Created at: 04-03-2016 05:59 PM UTC

Very fast service ! I will use it again and again and ....


Created at: 03-28-2016 05:21 PM UTC

great service ...

very fast done ... perfectmoney to okpay done

thank u guys ...

Yurada Rattanaporn

Created at: 03-25-2016 02:54 AM UTC

got paid completely. Netex is the most reliable exchanger.


Created at: 03-24-2016 04:40 PM UTC

Is the best exchange to advcash to payza, sure!

husne fadel almenhali

Created at: 03-24-2016 03:45 PM UTC

gooog saeet faryy goog

faree naes goog

Mubashar Habib

Created at: 03-24-2016 06:41 AM UTC

INSTANT EXCHANGE SERVICE with REASONABLE COMMISSIONS. I have made my first exchange ($250 from PAYZA to VISA Card) with them about three days ago and they have sent funds into my card today, instantly after successful PAYZA review. Now I am hoping that issuing bank of my VISA card will also react the same way in clearing the funds so that I finally receive money into my card. I would gladly like to come again and again to avail such a nice and honest exchange service from and will recommend to my peer group to do the same as well.

husne fadel almenhali

Created at: 03-23-2016 08:43 PM UTC

good faree naes
htas goog saeet fareey goog


Created at: 03-23-2016 04:32 AM UTC

Authorized via facebook

Great service
I just exchange my Paxum to Perfect Money done in 30 seconds
This is my first time to exchange in here, all goes well, Awesome site!


Created at: 03-22-2016 09:50 AM UTC

Using netex since more than a year ago and did quite alot of exchanges, all went smooth!


Created at: 03-19-2016 09:16 AM UTC

This is my 6th exchange very fast from PM to Payza thankyou once again netex.

husne fadel almenhali, Kuwait

Created at: 03-18-2016 09:05 PM UTC

goog saeet fary naees

aewanto ageen

Faisal Hafeez, Pakistan

Created at: 03-17-2016 05:04 PM UTC

This is my first time That I exchange payza USD to Perfect Money USD. Every thing goes well. I got my payment on time. Very Trusted and powerfull site. Thanx To the team of NETEX.IO. I recommend this site to all my friends.

husne fadel almenhali, Kuwait

Created at: 03-16-2016 07:28 PM UTC

He surprised me these are the company's speed of implementation of the transactions it and God is very Rayah

husne fadel almenhali, Kuwait

Created at: 03-15-2016 06:12 PM UTC

It's a very fast site Raya and they are very professional and they Alafezl commission very few


Created at: 03-14-2016 02:59 PM UTC

Thanks for helping GUYS!!!!...
From the bottom of my hear, Thank you so much..
I will recommend this site to all my friends!!!
thumbs up!!!!
more power!

Very trusted

Created at: 03-12-2016 10:55 AM UTC

I just exchange my PAYEER USD to PAYZA USD.
this is my first time to exchange in here, all goes well, Awesome site!

Tran Hong Ngat, Viet Nam

Created at: 03-12-2016 04:59 AM UTC

Great service. 5k BTCE to PE done in 30 seconds